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Lash Retention Helpful Tips on How to Maximise Lash Retention
Helpful Tips on How to Maximize Lash Retention article image by Lash Extensions Sydney

Helpful Tips on How to Maximise Lash Retention

Lash retention pertains to the length of time an eyelash extension can last on natural lashes before they start falling out. Although last extensions are expected to look fresh and neat between six to eight weeks. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all extensions as some may be installed by inexperienced lash technicians or inferior products were used in the eyelash extension process. 

Regardless of lash retention duration, lash technicians need to learn about tips and tricks on how to maximize lash retention to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business. Here are some helpful tips that you need to check out and apply next time you have lash extension appointments on both new and repeat customers.

What is the Acceptable Length of Lash Retention?

Many factors influence lash retention, and in most cases, lash retention ultimately differs from person to person. In essence, each of us have different lash growth cycles, and our cycle is highly dependent on factors such as season and hormonal changes among many other things. However, on average people lose up to five natural lashes per day. This is a completely normal occurrence as lashes falling out paves the way for new lashes to grow. 

The lash growth cycle is also one of the reasons why customers visit for touch-ups. Replacing the lashes every three weeks is commonplace to replace those that have fallen out. This is a costly affair especially for customers with rapid lash growth cycles. There is a solution to maximize lash retention. Timing is of the essence in lash extension application. Expert lash technicians know that applying extensions on fresh , natural lashes will ensure better last retention. 

Since your business reputation depends on the ability of your extensions to stay beautiful and voluminous for an extended period, it is imperative for lash technicians to learn techniques and tips on how to prolong lash extension. Here are five tips that will help you achieve this!

  • Use Fresh Adhesives At All Times

The quality of lash adhesives deteriorates the moment you open the bottle. The introduction of adhesive into the bottle weakens the adhesive strength altogether. It is recommended to change the adhesive glue every thirty days to ensure that they work at their best. This will mean throwing away a bottle that is half full, but if you don’t want to compromise the quality of lash extension result switching up to a new bottle is the best way to go. 

Stretching the life of your adhesive does not benefit your lash business altogether. In this case, saving money means less than superior adhesive strength resulting in a bad extension job. If your clients’ lashes have poor retention, chances are you will lose more clients over time. The simple activity of switching adhesives and storing them properly will save you reputation, retain loyal customers, and reel in new ones, too. 

  • Follow Lash Extension Best Practices

Preparation is key to ensure successful lash application and excellent lash retention. Make sure to clean your client’s lashes before the procedure. You should invest in mild but potent cleansers to clear all traces of eye makeup, including mascara, eyeliner, and moisturiser. When applying lashes the lash region should be free from any oil-based skincare products to ensure better lash retention. 

It is also important to prime the lashes before application. Full sets and lashes are applied on the base of natural lashes, thus it makes sense that the base should be free from dirt and any form of residue. A micropore tape comes in handy during the cleaning process as this will help you clean in between layers of natural lashes. 

  • Pamper the Lashes

It is also important to advise your clients to cleanse their lashes before their appointment. There are many lash cleansers or makeup removers on the market, so be sure to provide patrons and new customers to follow this practice to make the application easier and faster, too. 

Another important tip is to give lashes a gentle lash bath to remove all dirt and other impurities. This will help in lash retention as a clean surface will make application easier and ensure that your lash extensions will adhere properly to the lashes without any debris or impurities coming in the way.

  • Proper Adhesive Storage Tips

One thing that you need to understand is that adhesives start setting once they come in contact with moisture. Hence, to protect your adhesives from rapid deterioration, ultimately losing its adhesive strength, experts recommend storing opened bottles with a tightly closed lid in a small airtight container. An oxygen absorber feature is extra helpful as this prevents the build-up of moisture inside and around the bottle. 

Do not keep your lash adhesive in the fridge. When you take an adhesive out of the ref, it will start experiencing condensation. Sudden temperature change brings about condensation or the build-up of moisture inside the bottle. 

On the other hand, unopened adhesives should be stored in a cool place. You can store unopened lash adhesives inside a fridge no more than 90 days at a time.

If you want more information on how to prolong the life of your lash extensions or if you want to set an appointment, call our direct line today!