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Eyelash Extensions How to Prepare for Your First Eyelash Extension Appointment
How to Prepare for Your First Eyelash Extension Appointment article image by Last Extensions Sydney

How to Prepare for Your First Eyelash Extension Appointment

Long, thick lashes aren’t something you wish you were born with anymore. No, you don’t need good genes to get that luscious eye-pop every day. The beauty industry has brought us one of its most heaven-sent contributions: eyelash extensions!
Suppose you have always been relying on mascara, falsies, and other lash-elongating potions the market has to offer, you know how frustrating it is when those long and thick lashes have their own Cinderella moment—and not the good part. As soon as the clock strikes, the magic ends. 

Like manna from heaven, the makeup gods answered every woman’s prayer, and from then on, pain-free and waterproof lash extensions became available. Through intricately placed synthetic lash strands, you get full and wispy lashes for at least two weeks and up to two months, depending on how you take care of them. Lash extensions look natural and feel like nothing.

If you are ready to join the no-mascara club, you have to take a couple of things into consideration before you finally lie down on the lash extension technician’s magic chair. Here are some simple yet important things eyelash extension rookies can do before you take off to your pamper session:

Research and save inspiration photos.

When it comes to eyelash extension, it’s not everything fits all. Before the actual process, you have to decide exactly what kind you are looking for. Make decisions such as the length, thickness and curl strength. Remember, you will be living with these extra hairs on your eye for up to a month or two, so it is quite a commitment. 

It can be challenging to figure everything out for a novice. If you wonder “what lash extensions should I get,” you can check out our Lash Gallery for inspiration. Photos featuring your desired look will help you and your lash technician be on the same page. This way, they can also advise on the best lash extensions to use based on your samples, your eye shape, and other factors such as occasion, allergies etc.


Cleanse and remove makeup.

Extensions stick better on a clean and blank slate. Avoid oil-based products around the eyes and don’t use makeup if getting an eyelash extension is your first agenda of the day. Otherwise, make sure you bring a makeup remover and rid your face of all makeup, especially eyeliner, mascara, and shadow. Steer clear from touching your lashes because even curling them on the day of the appointment would affect results. Even if you arrive on schedule with makeup on, your beautician will take it off anyway, so to save time, wipe off all the paint and gunk. 

Additionally, if you wear waterproof mascara, it’s best to discontinue using it for at least three days before your appointment as compounds in these products remain on the lashes much longer.

It’s vital for extension adhesive to properly bond to experience maximum results and avoid premature lash loss. 

Remove your contacts.

Since you are steering clear from any eye activity, it’s smart to just wear eyeglasses before and after the service. Eliminate any unnecessary contact with water or steam, including the application of your contact solution within the first 48 hours. This will allow the bond between the semi-permanent lashes and your natural lashes enough time to properly set.

Go to the loo.

A step that may seem simple and obvious but a lot of times overlooked. Since the entire process will take 1.5 to 2 hours, you have your eyes shut the whole time. Thus, if you do not want your lash extensions to fall out while you go to the bathroom, ensure you go before your appointment.

Manage your expectations.

The first time is always exciting, but it is also the adjustment period. It won’t hurt to surf about how lash extensions work, how long after lash extensions can you shower, and all that stuff. Knowing even the slightest information will help you plan accordingly. It will also help if you communicate all your worries and questions to your lash technician so they can shed light. 

The only drama you should have in your life is on your lashes! It may cost a bit more than mascara and falsies, but those low-maintenance yet oh-so-dramatic lash extensions are worth it!
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